Metaris Hydraulic Bearing Motors are available in 9 models with a variety of mounting flanges, shaft configurations & porting options. Multi-section units, piggyback designs, dowelled assemblies & flow dividers are all available.

Metaris Hydraulic Bushing Motors are available in 4 models with many of the same available options as Metaris Bearing Pumps. With ductile iron housings, the pump offers pressure ratings as high as 3500 psi for the most demanding of applications.

Metaris Pumps.jpg

Genuine Metaris Orbital Motors are your best low speed high torque motor option in an economical and compact design. Utilizing proven Roller-Star technology, these motors allow for high efficiency, smooth operation and a long operational life. The motors come equipped with a high pressure shaft seal and also come in a wide range of displacements. The Genuine Metaris Orbital Motor is a functional replacement for common motors in the market today such as Eaton®/Char-Lynn®, Danfoss®, Parker®and White®.

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