Two-hand controls are an actuation device that requires the concurrent use of both hands of the operator(s) to start the cycle of a machine or piece of equipment. A two-hand control device is frequently a method that is used as a point of operation or pinch point protection device. The purpose is to prevent the operator from having any part of his/her body in the hazardous area during the operating cycle of a machine or piece of equipment. Two-hand controls need to be anti-tie down, anti-repeat, and designed to prevent bridging.

The UltraTouch design is so safe against inadvertent actuation, that two UltraTouch modules when spaced and located properly in accordance to OSHA and ANSI hand control distance formulas (the same formula is used for mechanical palm buttons), permit its use as an operator safety two hand control device. The UltraTouch dual dissimilar sensor format is designed for the machine operator to actuate the switch, and that no inadvertent foreign objects such as a sleeves, insects, broomsticks, playing cards, rags, mists or droplets can activate or trigger the switch. This gives UltraTouch an unparalleled level of safety while giving the operator the benefit of using the correct ergonomic hand position of neutral, 0° deviation and 100% hand power.

Ultra Touch.png

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