ITT Turn-Act Inc. feature a full rotary product line that includes rotary valve actuators, which offer advantages over linear valve actuators in that they provide multi-directional motion instead of uni-directional. As a result, pneumatic rotary actuators and electric rotary actuators are often utilized in motion control applications for industries including industrial automation, automotive, petroleum and chemical processing. ITT Turn-Act offers such rotary actuator brands as TURN-DEX, Brute, Comp-Act and more.
Shaker System  -  Turn-Act

Shaker systems are pneumatically driven Feeder/Beltless Conveyor systems. These systems are ideal for the stamping industry or other parts transfer and scrap removal applications. Compared to traditional conveyor systems, this "shaker" will save time and money!

• Tray loads to 50 pounds • Maximum loads to 140 pounds

• Uses a shaking tray system that conveys finished parts, scrap or chips

• Lower cost than motorized conveyors

• Eliminate costly maintenance and replacement of belts and rollers

• Control valve can be integral or remote mounted


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